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Choosing your manicure design will be easy! Said no one ever…

Classic ManicureAED 75
Classic PedicureAED 110
Gel Polish Application OnlyAED 110
Gel Polish manicureAED 145
Gel Polish PedicureAED 175
Classic Polish Removal Hands/FeetAED 43
Spa Treatment ManicureAED 140
Spa Treatment PedicureAED 150
Callus RemovalAED 65
Shape & Polish Hands & FeetAED 55
Classic Manicure & Pedicure (Combo)AED 175
Spa Treatment Manicure & Pedicure (Combo)AED 275
Gel Polish Manicure & Pedicure (Combo)AED 305


Extensions and Refill

Soft Gel TipsAED 250
Full Set Nail Natural Extension Gel & AcrylicAED 375
Full Set Nail Natural Extension Refill & OverlayAED 245
Full Set Nail Natural Extension RemovalAED 105
Full Set Nail Natural Extension Shape, File & Top CoatAED 80
Natural Nail Extension RepairAED 40
Nail ArtAED 11

Our professional nail team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your nail before your appointment.