GENXSKIN Anti-Ageing Control System

In the GENXSKIN treatment, we will use all the energy potential of a powerful innovative agent, to stimulate the vital functions of the skin to restructure the beauty triangle.

Treatment Results

  • Stimulates the extracellular matrix structure
  • Reactivates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • Strengthens the skin tissue
  • Shapes youthful facial structures (“beauty triangle”)
  • Softens wrinkles
  • After 14 days of use, the anti-ageing effect is clearly visible.


Designed to treat age-related skin loosening above the cheeks in the area of ​​the cheek-bone and cheeks, with a tendency to a double chin. Suitable for those who want a natural-looking lifting effect without having to expose themselves to the rigours of a surgical procedure.

Treatment Results

  • Gentle face lift
  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat, making the oval of the face and neck slimmer and finer
  • Improves Elasticity and strengthens the support of the skin tissue, making the skin visibly firmer
  • Rejuvenation effect without surgery


Biologic Defense facial care is intended for women from 20 years of age and above, for everyone whose skin condition worsens due to hormonal imbalance, including during the monthly cycle. 


  • Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed skin by maintaining and restoring the normal composition of microflora 
  • Smooth, supple and radiant skin 
  • Elimination of irritation, inflammation and redness of the skin 
  • Powerful hydration 
  • Improving skin tone and firmness 
  • Elimination of signs of tiredness on the face 
  • Prevention of premature skin aging


Our VITAMIN ENERGY skincare line is a double treatment enriched with vegetable Taurine and multivitamins with strong revitalizing power, thus allowing the skin to maintain or restore all its working mechanisms and bring it dynamism, vitality characteristic of youthful skin.



Face Clean Up




Caring for the eye contour

This treatment is decongestant and anti-fatigue. Fights effectively against the effects of aging. Regenerates the skin in depth and helps to reduce the small wrinkles of the contour of the eye, restoring it all its softness.




Neuro cosmetic and genic cosmetology


Sensitive skin are more reactive than normal skin, and they can be easily irritated. They can feel tingling, itching, often or intermittently. Sometimes these feelings of discomfort appear exaggerated. The sensitivity of the skin results from a reduction of its tolerance threshold. The more sensitive it is, the less its tolerance can be. The epidermis of sensitive skin shows a distortion of its barrier function. This phenomenon then promotes the negative action of potentially irritating agents.

Always in search for effective solutions, our research laboratories provide an efficient answer to the problem of ultra-sensitive skin, with a new type of formulation more sophisticated and more adapted, combining Neuro Cosmetology and Genic Cosmetology.

Promotes a soothing effect by reducing feelings of discomfort: a new concept has been developed, which combines science (proven efficacy in vivo and in vitro) and pleasure (softness, well-being, comfort) to soothe reactive or irritated skin.




High performance line reducer

By combining these 3 active substances from scientific dermo-cosmetics, we were able to create a skin treatment representing a genuine alternative to medical-aesthetic injections. These hi-tech innovations promote a deep-wrinkles reducer treatment. The skin is plumped, firmer with the characteristics of a revitalized young skin.

Our research department currently offers a high-performance anti-wrinkle treatment. It is the innovative combination of 3 hi-tech active ingredients that act rapidly on facial wrinkles.

  • “No Age VXN” antioxidant that slows wrinkle formation.
  • “BTX” synaptic agent that relaxes skin contraction, leading to wrinkle smoothing.
  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid to fill the wrinkle.


Specific regenerative treatment for mature skin

This treatment is designed for women who want to provide their skin with an avant-garde treatment capable of restoring its youthful mechanism. Intense skin regeneration treatment: the skin shows new signs of vitality and youth. Smoother, more flexible, firmer, it shows its strength and its dynamic properties.

To meet the growing demand from modern women, our research departments, have developed an innovative solution, which reproduces the main anti-age effects of DHEA and RETINOL on the skin. Studies performed show exceptional acceleration in the skin regeneration and a decrease in the number and depth of wrinkles.



Surfacing Peeling Technology “Accelerated” exfoliation to reveal renewed skin

A HIGH PERFORMANCE EXFOLIATION METHOD Always at the forefront of innovation, ERICSON LABORATOIRE now offers an exfoliation method, combining 5 HIGH TECH cosmetic innovations, inspired by the latest medical beauty treatments.

This multi-action Peeling treatment is one of the new skincare technologies, which dramatically improves the quality of the skin tissue.

  • Mechanical action with immediate removal of superficial layers and dead cells.
  • Instant chemical action on skin smoothness and bright complexion with a lighting effect.
  • Long-lasting biological action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal.
  • Revitalizing action on skin cells and skin tone.
  • Lightening stabilized action on skin pigmentation.